Timo Mendez

Timo Mendez is an environmental scientist and scientific writer who is fascinated with all things fungi. He has an international background and has traveled the world looking for wild mushrooms and the people who collect them. His foundation in the world of fungi began in the mushroom mecca of northern California, where he was president of his universities mycology club. From there, he took his knowledge to his home country of Mexico, where he continued learning from the academic community and rural populations who are experts on the subject. In Europe, he has participated in various mushroom expeditions and events, including those in France, Spain, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. His photography has been featured in collections by the Smithsonian Tropical Institute, The Encyclopedia of Life, and various North American field guides. While much of his work is done with private institutions, some can be found on websites like The World Mushroom Society, Practical Self Reliance, and Mycellium Society. He also has expertise in Botany and Agroecology. For more information, you can find him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/timothee-mendez/details/experience/ or visit his website at www.encounteringfungi.com. He also shares his photography and stories on Instagram at @organicultura

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