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Bear Grylls Survival Academy Sets 2023 Course Dates

Survivalists looking to go to the next level can do so with the Bear Grylls Survival Academy. Those looking to ramp up survival skills and learn from the best, a trip to Brecon Beacons (United Kingdom) is a must-add to the calendar.

Bear Grylls Survival Academy has opened its registration for its Instructor Course and announced the dates for 2023. The two-day training is set for June 2-3 and with seven months to prepare, the time to book is now.

The Instructor Course is specifically designed for those that already have survival skills and want to advance them. It is an event designed in order to take learned tips to educate others. There are other courses for differing skillsets but this particular course is not for beginners.

“The difference between those who do and those who don’t is simple: a commitment to train, practice and improve,” Grylls has said.

According to its website, it is an in-depth skills and techniques course.

The event runs over the two days. Participants can expect to learn the various survival traits which could one day save your life.

Lessons will include fire lighting and shelter building. It also has time spent on natural navigation as well as lifesaving skills like traps, snares, knot tying, and stalking.

Participants will learn Grylls’ techniques.

The “self-rescue” portion is designed to spark improvised wilderness first aid, as well as build up the courage to descend into the dark depths of the world below. There will be jumping off high platforms for those into raising thrills of exploration. There is also no easing in. Upon arrival it is into the thick of the wilderness from minute one, and will include a limited amount of supplies because you are going to forage for food and water while on the move.

For more information on the event, visit THIS LINK. Spots are limited so book your adventure now.

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