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BioLite Nano Grid Overview

Overview: The BioLite Nano Grid is made up of two core products: the Power Lite and the Site Lite. Let’s talk about the Power Lite first. Here you have a 3 in 1 lantern, torch and USB power bank, so this enables you to share energy however you want it. Inside is a 4400 milliamp lithium ion battery that’s fully USB rechargeable, which means you can actually charge it off of other BioLite products like the Basecamp or Kettle Charge or Camp Stove.

What’s really unique about Power Lite is BioLite’s edge lit technology. What does edge lit mean? Usually when you’re using a lantern or headlamp you’re going to have a hotspot which means you have a lot of lumens that are really concentrated and so they put off a lot of light but they also put off a lot of glare and they put off these things called hotspots. What BioLite did is create a textured panel to bounce LEDs in a way that creates a really nice uniform surface. You’ll be seeing this really nice even spread that emanates from the lantern.

It is USB chargeable so you can charge things like a phone or tablet or anything like that. It puts out a powerful 10 watts so you are able to charge larger devices like your IPad or Go Pro or something like that.

So that’s Part 1 of the system and Part 2 of the system are the Sight Lites and the Sight Lites are these daisy chainable lights. They come coupled together and they come kind of looking like a yo-yo. So here let me plug this in so you can kind of see what it looks like. So they come looking like this and so they look like that and they are magnetically coupled together and all you have to do is pull them apart.

Each one of these has 150 lumens. It just fits in the palm of your hand but there is 10 feet of cord in here and so what you can do is you can unravel up to 10 feet and you can daisy chain up to 4 of these, which means you’re going to get 40 feet of light around your perimeter. So they chain into one another and then they tether into the Power Lite and so your Power Lite becomes your universal remote for your campsite.

Manufacturer: BioLite
Product Name: Nano Grid
MSRP: $99.95
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