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Black Bear vs. Black Bear Caught on Trail Cam in Colorado

“Bears are gonna bear,” writes Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) on X in a thread that shares a trail cam video of a black bear vs. black bear fight. Though CPW says the two bears involved in the tussle are young bears, they look pretty huge as they stand on two legs and test each other’s strength and skill.

In the video, two black bears, one slightly taller and one slightly darker in color, engage in what CPW calls “play.” They stand up on their hind legs and push, swipe, and mouth at each other. It doesn’t seem like the bears are really trying to hurt each other, but the bears still put on a show, even without going all out.

CPW says this type of play fighting is common during late spring when food is plentiful and the bears have extra time on their paws. In the X thread, CPW also says, “Bears generally avoid actually fighting each other unless absolutely necessary.”

Watch a black bear vs. black bear play fight here:

According to CPW, the video is from a trail camera on the Front Range of the Rockies. Black bears are the only bear species in Colorado, and they can range in fur color from black to brown to blonde.

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