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Camping Holiday Farm RV Resort in West Oregon

Camping Holiday Farm RV Resort in West Oregon

Camp Oregon: I’m talking to Jim today. He is the Manager at Holiday Farm RV Resort in Oregon. Jim, why don’t you get us started with telling us how long Holiday Farm RV Resort has been there and how it got started?

Jim: Well, it’s about seven years old, so it’s a fairly new facility. And actually, my cousin and another man started this RV resort, and it’s really neat. The building they built – they actually milled the trees right here on the property when they made the resort.

Camp Oregon: Wow, okay. Now, what types of camping do you offer there?

Jim: We have 43 RV sites. They’re all full hook-up. Water, sewer, and electric, cable, and free Wi-Fi. What was the question again?

Camp Oregon: So, you guys have RV sites. Is it just RV, or do you have tent sites as well?

Jim: We allow tents in conjunction with an RV, like, say, if the kids wanted to sleep in a tent behind the RV spot, the spots are big enough for the biggest rigs with slide-outs and room for a tent behind them, so we do do that. And I also have an area in our backyard where I let people also setup tents.

Camp Oregon: Okay, sounds fun. What are the most popular activities for guests there?

Holiday Farm Rv Resort
McKenzie River

Jim: Well, we’re on the McKenzie River. Well, it’s a few hundred yards away, but we’re surrounded by water. There are three creeks that come into this property. (Unclear 1:36.2) nice like and there’s fish in the creek and the lakes. And we have treadles that come around. We’re pretty heavily wooded here in the Cascade Mountains, so there are trees everywhere and it’s just a really beautiful place.

Camp Oregon: It sounds really relaxing.

Jim: It is, and people love the peace and quiet of this place. But there’s river rafting of course, and fishing, and we’re close to some ski resorts. And there’s a lot of different hot springs here also on the McKenzie, which are pretty neat.

Camp Oregon: Oh, okay.

Jim: So there are activities.

Camp Oregon: Yeah, the pictures here of the river that you have on your site are absolutely beautiful. And it sounds to me – you know, I generally see resorts go one of two ways. A lot of times the RV resorts have activities calendars that are just packed crazy full and some people like that, but not everybody wants that experience, and it seems like your resort is a little more relaxing a little bit more serene for someone who wants a quieter getaway.

Jim: I would say that that’s true. Yeah, but like I say, we have a really big backyard, and so there’s horseshoes and we have a basketball hoop, and there’s usually a croquet game setup, and that kind of thing for people to do. But it’s just a beautiful, big chunk of property that yeah, there’s no reason to leave and go do anything else because it’s so nice here.

Camp Oregon: Well, that brings me to my next question. Let’s say I was staying there for maybe a little bit longer-term and I did want to venture out of the Park. What are some of your favorite attractions around that area?

Jim: Well, real close, if you cross the river and take this road that’s across the river, you can go on this particular road. You go to the end of this road and it’s about five miles or so. You clear the end of the road and then it’s only a one-mile hike up to the very top of this mountain that’s really close to us. And it just zigzags back and forth. And boy, once you get up there, it’s just gorgeous up there.

Holiday Farm Rv Resort
One of the many scenic creeks at the Holiday Farm Rv Resort

Camp Oregon: Nice.

Jim: Yeah.

Camp Oregon: Two more questions for you, Jim. If you were going to spend just one hour at Holiday Farm RV Resort, how would you spend your time there?

Jim: I think I would just walk around and enjoy the beauty of this place. Like I said, we have trails that go all around the creek areas and stuff, and so I mean you could easily just spend an hour walking around and enjoy it. And you know, maybe stop and have lunch. You know, setup a picnic table back in the yard. This place is really just gorgeous. So, I wanted to mention the McKenzie River Trail, which is like 25 miles long. It goes from Clear Lake all the way down to McKenzie Bridge. And it’s a pretty world-famous trail for mountain bikers and hikers as well.

Camp Oregon: Okay, that sounds great. Last question: if you were going to spend just one night at Holiday Farm RV Resort, which specific site would you stay at and why?

Jim: Well, number 1 is a really nice site. There is an island behind it and there’s a little bridge that goes over to the island with a fire pit. 25 is also a nice site. It’s got a view of the lake. And I like sites 12 and 14. They’re back in a little cul-de-sac area, so they’re as far away from the highways you can get. But really, there are no bad sites. People really rave about the beauty of this place and how much room there is between the sites. And our bathrooms – people sign my guest book, and that’s pretty much all they talk about; is how clean and nice the bathrooms are.

Holiday Farm Rv Resort
Holiday Farm Rv Resort in West Oregon

Camp Oregon: Oh, nice. Well, that’s important if you’re staying somewhere for a while. Well, I urge anyone who’s interested in a relaxing, gorgeous getaway to check out your website and cruise through the photo galley. That’s definitely worth the time spent there.

Jim: Yeah.

Camp Oregon: The place looks just serene and beautiful. So, Jim, thank you so much for taking some time out of your day to chat with us about Holiday Farm RV Resort in Oregon.

Jim: Well, thank you, Clint. I appreciate you calling.

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