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Camping Three Rivers State Park in North Florida

We had a chance to connect with Melissa of Three Rivers State Park who gave us some great insights in to the best things to do in the park, fishing at Lake Seminole and places for camping at Three Rivers State Park.

Melissa’s Favorite Thing To Do In The Park
Walking one of our self-guided hiking and multi-use trails to enjoy the serenity of the natural wildlife and fauna; in particular, the Eagle trail, in hopes of glimpsing one of our many American bald eagles (2-adults, 2-juveniles).

Melissa’s Favorite Campsite
I would choose to stay in our cabin at site #16 or for those that prefer traditional camping, I would recommend site #15.

Camping Three Rivers State Park in North Florida

When was Three Rivers State Park founded? How did it start?
The park was founded in 1955. After the construction began of the Jim Woodruff Lock and Dam in 1947, Lake Seminole was filled to the desired depth. Congress passed a special bill allowing certain property of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to be designated as recreational areas and leased to the State of Florida. Three Rivers (the Flint and Chattahoochee Rivers formed Lake Seminole above the dam. Below the dam, the waters become the mighty Apalachicola River, which eventually flows into the Gulf of Mexico. The name of the park is a tribute to these three rivers) became a Florida state park at that time.

What are the most popular activities in the park?
The most popular activities in the park are hiking, bike riding, canoeing, boating, bird watching (we are proud to share that the park is part of the Florida birding trail), pavilion rentals (parties, reunions, weddings, etc…), group camp reservations (15 persons or more), fishing (Lake Seminole is vastly renowned as a great place for the sport; many freshwater anglers travel great distances to fish here), botany (enthusiasts delight in the abundant opportunities to study nature within the park), and of course, camping (RV or tent). 4. I prefer the quiet and solitude of our park’s hiking trails and the view off the 100’ pier (located in the campground) is spectacular at sunrise and sunset.

Where is Three Rivers State Park located? What are some other attractions in the area worth checking out?
Three Rivers State Park is located in Sneads, FL, approximately 8.1 miles north from Interstate 10, and 2.1 miles north of Highway 90. The park is located in a rural area. Locally, there is a city park, also located right off Lake Seminole. It offers fishing (2-bass tournaments are held bi-annually and it’s always a major attraction that draws in tourists as well as participants from area states), a small marina, pavilion rentals, a playground, a small hotel, and an RV park.

camping at three rivers state parkWhat are the campsites like within the park? Are they more open or secluded?
The only campsites that are paved are our ADA sites; all others are mainly sand and the entrances to the sites are rock fill. The roadways in the campground are either rock or asphalt. There is native vegetation which serves as a buffer between sites. This does allow some privacy.

If you could spend just 1 night in Three Rivers State Park, which campsite would you choose – and why?
I would choose to stay in site #16 (our cabin). It’s rustic, located near the water, part of the Florida green lodging program, and fully furnished with central air and heat. It has the following amenities: bathroom with shower, ADA accessibility, screened in porch, beautiful scenic lake view, BBQ girl, and a wood fireplace. This I would recommend for those that desire a more ‘comfortable’ camping experience. For those that prefer traditional camping, I would recommend site #15. It is a very spacious site, located right off the embankment of the lake (you can pull up and tie off your boat, and can practically fish from your site).

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