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Camping in Northern Virginia: Christopher Run Campground

Camping in Northern Virginia: Christopher Run Campground

Camp Virginia: I’m talking with Sammy today. He’s going to tell us all about Christopher Run Campground in Virginia. Sammy, why don’t you get us started with just a little bit of background on Christopher Run Campground?

Sammy: Well, it’s a family-owned campground. The lake came in 1973. And they kind of used the area over here for a little family vacation time. Made a little house over here just for them, and then they decided, when the lake got here, to put a little ramp in and charge a dollar or so for someone to use the ramp, and then kind of just escalated into that. And now we have about two hundred campsites and Lake Anna has grown quite a bit, and it’s a whole lot more people around here. That’s kind of how we got going.

Camp Virginia: Sure. And what types of camping do you offer there? Is it tent all the way up to RV?

Sammy: Yes. A little bit of water and electric sites. Full hook-ups. No hook-ups. And got some cabins also.

Paddle boating at Christopher Run Campground

Camp Virginia: Okay. What are the most popular activities for the guests there? Obviously a lot of water sports, I’m assuming.

Sammy: Yes. Water sports are definitely the attraction here for sure. We also have a playground. Game room here. A little miniature golf course as well we’ve put in here.

Camp Virginia: Okay. And let’s say I wanted to head outside of the campground for the afternoon, Sammy. What are some of your favorite attractions in and around that area that you might recommend?

Sammy: Well, there is – I know a couple restaurants we have here. We are kind of out of nowhere. I mean you’ve got about a 35-minute ride if you want to go to the movies or something like that, but there are some little towns not too far from here where you can do some little shopping areas – kind of thing like that. Not much out here though really.

Camp Virginia: That’s probably one thing people like about it though. You can get out there and it’s a lot of peace and quiet. You probably don’t have the roar of a highway right there.

Sammy: Yeah. It’s definitely secluded from everybody. That’s for sure.

Camp Virginia: Great, two more questions for you, Sammy. If you were going to spend just one hour at Christopher Run Campground in Virginia, how would you spend your time there?

Sammy: Probably on a jet ski.

Camp Virginia: They’re so fun. Aren’t they?

Campers enjoy the watersports at Christopher Run Campground

Sammy: They are definitely fun. I know I have spent a lot of time playing basketball here. We’ve got a full size basketball court, and you get a lot of kids going and stuff. It’s real fun. I’ve spent a lot of hours on that side. So, between jet skiing and playing basketball.

Camp Virginia: Two great activities. And last question: if you could spend just one night at Christopher Run Campground in Virginia on Lake Anna, which specific campsite would you stay at and why?

Sammy: That’s a tough one. There are a lot of good sites. A9 seems to be a real popular site. It’s really long. You’re kind of off to yourself. You know, everybody wants seclusion. There are sites that are kind of beside each other, but that site is way back in the woods, so you kind of make yourself a little fort almost and you’ve got yourself a little spot that’s all to yourself pretty much.

Camp Virginia: That sounds absolutely perfect. Well, hey, thank you for taking some time out of your day, Sammy, to tell us a little bit more about the surrounding area there as well as Christopher Run Campground in Virginia.

Sammy: All right, thank you.

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