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CMJ – 50 Campfires’ Man of Mystery – Wins 2018 Telly Award

The Telly Awards organization announced today a Silver Award in the General – Media & Entertainment Category for 50 Campfires’ producer Cameraman Jeff (CMJ). His winning entry was “The Making of the Gear of the Year Awards.

With a storyline that tugs the heartstrings of every outdoor enthusiast, the demands of location shoots across a wide swath of Minnesota real estate, and production values that can only be delivered by a television and video veteran at the pinnacle of his game, the Telly Awards Committee had little choice but to recognize CMJ’s entry.

The “Making of Gear of the Year Awards” poignantly chronicles the story of a piece of reclaimed timber about to be, literally, cast into a fire pit, only to be rescued, restored, and turned into a magnificent award itself – then delivered to a deserving 50 Campfires Gear of the Year award winner to live on forever as an object of pride!

CMJ is the exclusive producer of 50 Campfires video, streaming, and television content. His skills include concepting, set construction, location scouting, lighting, sound design, videography, editing, post production, dubbing, and extensively more. His skills are evident in every video at 50campfires.go-vip.net, Facebook live streams, and on the websites of 50 Campfires’ partners.

Additionally, CMJ makes frequent cameo appearances in his own productions, but always with an air of mystery and intrigue. Though he’s appeared in dozens, perhaps hundreds, of video clips, it’s unlikely one soul in the viewing audience would recognize Cameraman Jeff.

Asked “How does it feel to win the Telly?”, CMJ replied, “Go Pack!”

The 2018 Telly Award is not CMJ’s first recognition. Among his previous honors are numerous awards for his documentary “Silent Invaders” covering the coming plague of invasive species to the Great Lakes and beyond.

Interview and autograph sessions with CMJ will be announced as soon as arrangements can be made for the accommodations to protect his privacy.

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For additional information contact: Nick Grzechowiak at [email protected].

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