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Coast Polysteel 600R: Review

The Coast Polysteel 600R is the newest member to the brand’s nearly indestructible line of waterproof flashlights. It’s the first one to provide more than just light. The Polysteel 600R comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack that can be used to power-up any USB device you happen to be carrying. We put this guy through the paces on a recent trip to Kentucky and can say that after many bounces and drops in the river bed and in caves, that it handled itself rather well. The drop-proof, crush-proof core is exactly what you’re looking for during a night spent scrambling over rock 80 ft underground.

The Polysteel 600R comes with both a rechargeable lithium-ion pack and a pack for alkaline batteries.

The Coast Polysteel 600R kicks out 530 lumens for an impressive 5 hours and 45 minutes on high, and has a runtime of 35 hours on low. You’ll have a focused beam of 810 feet, which for us was incredible for spotting structures in Diamond Caverns.

Mini USB charging port.

Our favorite feature of the Polysteel 600R is the fact that you can charge it up on the way to the campsite. In the few hours it takes you to reach your destination, you’re guaranteed the full 530 lumens of light when evening hits. It also comes with an alkaline pack, which came in handy when we needed to top off a GoPro battery with the rechargeable one. The Coast Polysteel 600R takes a nighttime piece of gear and turns it into something you should probably have in your pack at all times. It’s a win in our book.

USB out for charging phones and other electronics.


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