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CRKT Hoodwork Survival Knife

CRKT offers a broad line of sport, work, and professional knives and tools that are purpose driven designs. Their sole purpose is to provide improved functional tools that are purposeful and creative.

What Makes It Unique
The CRKT HoodWork Survival Knife is made with one purpose in mind, to keep you innovative and alive in the woods. This knife is crafted from a solid billet of high carbon steel, then sealed with a clear Cerakote coating for durability. An orange 550 paracord lanyard keeps the knife around your neck in case of need.

Manufacturer: CRKT
Product Name: Hoodwork Survival Knife
MSRP: $295

CRKT Hoodwork Survival knife
CRKT Hoodwork Survival Knife

CRKT Hoodwork Survival knife
CRKT Hoodwork Survival Knife

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