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Delicious Shamrock Pudding Shots

If you’re like the rest of the country, Shamrock shake time at McDonalds is something you look forward to. That one time a year when those delicious, minty shakes are available for purchase. But wouldn’t they be even better with a little bit of liquor in them? We think so. Thus Shamrock Pudding Shots were born. There are many different versions of the shamrock shake pudding shot and no matter how you make it, you can’t go wrong!

Shamrock pudding shots
Delicious Shamrock Pudding Shots

We love jello shots but cold pudding shots can be really refreshing on a warm day. They are a lot of fun to break out when you are camping with a group and usually spark quite a conversation. One thing we love about these shamrock pudding shots are how easy they are to make. With only 5 ingredients these pudding shots can be made ahead of time, stored and be ready to go when the moment strikes.

These shamrock pudding shots can be made whenever you’re craving that shamrock shake taste. That is the beauty of these shots. We have made these for many camping trips and they have always been gone when Sunday rolls around.

Delicious Shamrock Pudding Shots
Recipe type: Cocktails
Serves: varies

  • 1 pkg instant vanilla pudding
  • ¾ cup creme de menthe
  • ¾ cup milk
  • Cool whip, optional
  • Green food coloring, if needed

  1. Make pudding as directed with the ¾ cup of milk. Combine pudding and creme de menthe in a bowl. Mix until combined. If you don’t think it is green enough put a small amount of food coloring in.
  2. Pour into individual servings, such as paper cups or condiment containers. Let set up in the fridge
  3. Put cool whip on top before taking if you desire.


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