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DIY Coffee While Camping

DIY Coffee While Camping
A Couple Enjoying DIY Coffee While Camping

Waking up in a tent to the sounds of nature all around you and the sun beaming in is amazing. But like most coffee addicts the day will take a turn very quickly if coffee is not available. Do yourself a favor and learn how to make quick and easy DIY coffee while camping. Lugging a coffee maker to your campsite is not practical, plus you will need to plug it in, which is not always an option. They do make battery powered or non-electronic french press machines but those can get costly. Instant coffee is another option but most serve very poor coffee, sometimes even bitter tasting. So you are left to do it yourself.

Here is what you will need to make coffee while camping:

1 scoop of coffee
Dental Floss
Coffee Mug
Way to boil water (campfire, camp stove)

Take the scoop of coffee and put it in the filter, use the dental floss to tie the filter together, making a little ball. You can store this in any container or in your camping tub. Once at the campsite, use the saucepan to get water to a boil. Pour water in to your coffee mug and put the bag of coffee in the water. Let the coffee dissolve just like you would a tea bag, Enjoy!

And if this gets too frustrating at any point, just pick up a camp coffeemaker!

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