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Duck Creek RV Park in Nevada

Duck Creek RV Park in Nevada

Camp Nevada: I’m talking with Debbie Randall today. She’s the General Manager at Duck Creek RV Park in Nevada. How’s it going today, Debbie?

Debbie Randall: Good. How’s it going for you?

Camp Nevada: I’m having a pretty good day, you know. It’s Hump Day, but getting a lot done.

Debbie Randall: Mike! Mike!

Camp Nevada: Yeah, right?

Debbie Randall: What day is it?

Duck Creek RV Park in Nevada
Duck Creek RV Park in Nevada

Camp Nevada: Oh, believe me, when that commercial first hit, there was plenty of that around the office. So, let’s go ahead and start with how long Duck Creek RV Park has been there and how it got started.

Debbie Randall: Actually, the (Unclear 00:36.9) Family owns the property, I’m just the Property Manager. And they started, I believe, 15 years. I came about nine years ago, but they started about 15 years.

Camp Nevada: Okay. And what types of camping do they offer there? They have obviously RV parking, or camping, but do they have tent camping as well?

Debbie Randall: No, we do not have tent camping at all.

Camp Nevada: Okay, so just RV Park.

Debbie Randall: We are basically asphalt, so they couldn’t put their tent stakes into the asphalt.

Camp Nevada: Yeah, that doesn’t sound very comfortable, does it?

Debbie Randall: Yeah.

Camp Nevada: And what types of activities do you have there? I’m looking on the website and I see there’s a pretty neat building on the right side of the website here.

Debbie Randall: Yes, that’s our office.

Camp Nevada: Okay. And what types of activities do the guests generally enjoy there at the Park?

Debbie Randall: We are getting ready to have our Gobble Until You Wobble Dinner for our Thanksgiving Dinner for our tenants. Usually we do that about the first Saturday before Thanksgiving. We have a little cookout for them every month. We have a business center for them. So, if they’re in here and they need to get on the Internet or they have some work to do, they’ve got that. We don’t do it so much during the summer, but in the winter we try to have some type of activities for the tenants. Like if we can get a group together, do Bingo, or if they want to do – whatever they want to do. We just try to get an idea. A big thing that we have here though is most of the people that come in here are coming out here to see Vegas.

Camp Nevada: Oh, okay.

Debbie Randall: So, to get them to play Bingo or any of those kinds of games, they’re going: “Yeah. Yeah, we do that up on the Strip.” So, the biggest draw is the Strip anyway, and we’re only 15 minutes away from the Strip.

Camp Nevada: Oh, okay. Ever have anybody come there and stay, and then just disappear into Vegas forever?

Debbie Randall: Well, there might be. I’ve seen a few of them on the street I’ve wondered about.

Camp Nevada: How far are you guys from the Strip then?

Debbie Randall: It’s a 15-minute drive from here to the Strip.

Camp Nevada: Oh, real close.

Debbie Randall: Yeah, and that’s with traffic, because depending on traffic it could be faster. Just depends on the traffic for that day. If it’s a weekend, it’s going to take 15 minutes.

Camp Nevada: Okay. And what are some of your favorite attractions in and around the area, Debbie? Are you a big gambler?

Duck Creek RV Park in Nevada
Duck Creek RV Park in Nevada

Debbie Randall: I do not gamble, and you’re going to find that with a lot of locals around here. We do not gamble. For me, it’s my family, so I just go see family or whatever. But my tenants, when they come here, I always send them. We’ve got a little cupboard here that we have filled with all kinds of brochures to the different hotels. And coupons, discount coupons, for Pink Jeep tours. So, if they do decide they want to do the Vegas Experience in one night, the Pink Jeep tours comes with a Pink Jeep and they pick them up, and they take them up and down the strip.

Camp Nevada: Oh, okay.

Debbie Randall: Yeah.

Camp Nevada: Two more questions for you, Debbie. If you were just going to spend one hour hanging out at Duck Creek RV Park, how do you like to spend your time there?

Debbie Randall: My time here. With the weather out here, the way it is today, outside.

Camp Nevada: Nice. Nice. What do you have for temperature today?

Debbie Randall: Our temperature today is 70.

Camp Nevada: That sounds perfect.

Debbie Randall: It’s beautiful. The sun is shining. You know what. My favorite thing about Vegas is the sunshine. There’s sunshine all the time.

Camp Nevada: Yeah. Last question for you: if you were going to spend just one night at Duck Creek RV Park, which particular site would you stay at and why?

Debbie Randall: Which site? Let’s see. I think I would take a premium site so I could put my little table out there with an umbrella and sit out and enjoy the outside.

Camp Nevada: Sounds nice. Sounds nice. Yeah, we’re just moving into the winter here, in Minnesota, so I’m jealous of the weather you have there.

Debbie Randall: I know.

Camp Nevada: Okay.

Debbie Randall: I lived in Michigan for 15 years and I couldn’t wait to get back home.

Camp Nevada: I bet. Well, hey Debbie, thank you so much for taking some time out of your day to chat with us about Duck Creek RV Park in Nevada.

Debbie Randall: Okay. Well, thank you very much, sir.

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