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Camping Bixler Lake Campground in Indiana

Camping Bixler Lake Campground in Indiana

Camp Indiana: We are speaking with Bob today about the camping opportunities at Bixler Lake Campground. How are you doing today?

Bob: Very well, thank you, Chelsea.

Camp Indiana: Great. That’s always good to hear. And we can kind of get into the questions here. So, when was Bixler Lake Campground started?

Bob: Well, I don’t have an exact date for you. However, I know it’s been in existence in excess of 25 years.

Camp Indiana: Okay.

Bob: It has a great history in the community.

Camp Indiana: Perfect. So, yeah, it’s certainly been around for a while. I’m sure plenty of families have spent a weekend camping there.

Bob: Oh yes.

Camp Indiana: Great. And so, when people are there for the weekend or a vacation, what are usually the most popular activities kind in the Park area and the campground?

Bob: Well, most folks come for the camping and there are a number of additional activities, but our campsites lend themselves to family camping at its best. They’re not laid out as many campgrounds are. They’re scattered around a large, beautiful area surrounding Bixler Lake. And the campsites have electric and water at the site itself, and many of the sites are situated such that campers who come with groups can circle their wagon, so to speak, as a group and this is something that’s very unusual for campgrounds nowadays. They’re not laid out in square quadrants like so many are. And it makes it very attractive for families, for small groups, church groups, scout groups, other activities, and we have some beautiful hiking trails there as well.

The hiking trails are laid out and groomed with nice maps to follow along so you know where you’re at. Actually, the hiking trails surround a large wetlands area, which is just beautiful. There are some billboards and educational information stops where you can see what kind of birds and animals or wildlife are available to watch along with the family camping activities that we have. And some of the amenities. Of course there’s a softball field within the campground. There are shelters for large picnic groups. There are picnic tables at every sites along with grills at some and lots of beach activities with basketball and volleyball. And lifeguards at the beach in the summertime for folks who have children who want to be down there longer than mom and dad perhaps. We do have lifeguards there to look after the kids.

Camp Indiana: Great. Yeah, definitely, I mean plenty of activities. Something for anyone from little kids to adults.


Camp Indiana: Cool.

Bob: I didn’t mention the fact that the sites are electric with anything ranging one 15amp up to 50amp service. And each site has a fire pit as well so that many campers enjoy camp fires and we also provide or have firewood available to the campers there as well.

Camp Indiana: Great. Yeah, definitely. Always a highlight of a camping trip is the fire.

Bob: Yes.

Camp Indiana: So, where is Bixler Lake Campground located?

Bob: Well, it’s one of the things that make it so unique. It’s located within the city of Kendallville, Indiana. And the campground, the lake, the boat launch, and all that is surrounded then by additional Park area with picnic areas and grills, additional walking paths, etc., and it’s right in the city of Kendallville, which is in the northeastern part of Indiana. It’s only a few miles off from Highway 69 and just south of 80-90 Turnpike, running through the northern part of the State.

Camp Indiana: Great. Yeah, so when someone is camping for the weekend and they’re wanting to maybe head out of the Park for a little bit, what are some of the kind of other attractions in the area, in the town that are worth checking out?

Bob: Oh, wonderful. We’ve got a classic movie theater right in the town, which is built and is still actively used. And it was developed somewhere in the ’30s. And it’s a wonderful, wonderful gathering place for families. Now, they do have good first run movies there. We have a famous Windmill Museum there and also there’s a large sports complex, which is actually attached to the campground area by a short road of about 300 or 400 yards in length. There’s shuffleboard there. There’s tennis, horseshoes. We have pool tables. Outdoor pool tables, which is kind of a unique addition to many campgrounds. You don’t see those very often.

Camp Indiana: No. No, that’s really cool. That’s definitely enough to do just in the campground, but if you wanted to venture out, there are plenty of activities.

Bob: Oh yes, and Kendallville is a very popular location to have a beautiful county fairgrounds, which draws a Bluegrass Festival every year and Apple Festival. A number of special activities there in addition to the large annual County Fair.

Camp Indiana: Great. And just one final question for you. If you could spend just one night at Bixler Lake Campground, which campsite would you choose and why?

Bob: Well, I think I would choose the one located behind the office and along the road in front of the walking path and across from the wetland. It’s just beautiful. There are beautiful walnut trees surrounding the area, so it’s got lovely shade on the hottest summer days. The grass is green. All these sites are grassed. None of them are dirt covered. And it’s plenty of room to have a visitor stop by and park on your site, and have plenty of folks there even with a large picnic area at each site, in some cases, and the one that I chose would be. As a matter of fact, just last year I invited about twelve people for an evening picnic and we parked six cars on the site. They’re not all that big, but many are.

Camp Indiana: Great. No, thank you so much for insight into the Park and we really appreciate it.

Bob: Well, you’re very welcome, and thank you, Chelsea, for showing such an interest.

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