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Have You Considered Airbnb for Camping or Glamping?

In planning 50 Campfires’ Field Trip: Death Valley, we knew that at least part way through the trip, we’d want to find a place to get out of the omnipresent sand, dust, and wind for at least one night. We checked Airbnb listings for the area near Death Valley and … voila! We were introduced to Sandy Valley Ranch. What a great Airbnb camping glamping find it turned out to be.

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It turned out to be exactly what we needed for a one-night break from tenting. And what a cool place! Accommodation options ranged from a 3-plus-bedroom guest house to a couple of tiny houses to a restored vintage travel trailer to a converted covered wagon. All were located on a working ranch less than an hour’s drive from the Las Vegas Strip with access to all the indoor amenities of the main ranch house – including an unbelievably delicious and big ranch breakfast … complete with branded toast!

Sandy Valley Ranch would make a great place to stay on multi-day-and-night family vacation with horseback riding, swimming, all the pets and livestock you can imagine, campfires, and ranch life galore. Yet, our stay was during midweek, and we didn’t run into another person except the ranch staff.

Around the campfire that night – after hours of searching the desert scrub for glow in the dark scorpions – we got to talking and reflecting. With just 10 minutes of looking on Airbnb’s website we came across this perfect camping respite near the gates of Death Valley. Just think how many awesome camping and glamping locations there must be among Airbnb’s four million listings.

Want to contemplate that for your next road trip to … anywhere? Start exploring Airbnb’s website.



Clint is glamping old school at Sandy Valley Ranch listed on Airbnb.
Hearty ranch breakfast is available to all guests at Sandy Valley Ranch listed on Airbnb.
"Cute" interior of covered wagon at Airbnb Sandy Valley Ranch in Nevada, close to Las Vegas.
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