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St. Joseph Peninsula State Park Camping

Fishing from a canoe, sleeping in a cabin and enjoying bay scallops – all things that you can do at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park. We spoke with Mark from St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, and he filled us in on the insider scoop about the park. Listen to our full interview here:

St. Joseph Peninsula State Park Camping

Camp Florida: I’m talking with Mark at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, in Florida this morning. How’s it going, Mark?

Mark: Good.

CF: So, let’s start with how long the park has been there and how it actually got its start.

Mark: The Park was originally purchased in mid-’60s from a gentleman named T.H. Stone. A community leader developed it into a park he opened in the early ’70s.

CF: Oh, okay. That would’ve been a pretty amazing piece of land to own privately from what it looks like on the website here.

Mark: Yes sir.

CF: And what are the most popular activities at the park there for guests?


Mark: We have camping. We have family cabins. There’s a small marina and a naturally deepwater harbor close to the beach. Most popular activities are camping and cabins, of course fishing, and beach going. Shelling. In the summer, a lot of folks come for the bay scallops.

CF: Oh, okay. And what are some of the more popular activities and attractions in the area worth checking out?

Mark: Well, again, the beach and the bay is probably the big draw. There’s a small community, Port St. Joe, across the bay. And to the East is Apalachicola. It’s a very interesting, historic, little town. And to the West, of course, is Panama City. St. Joe Beach, Mexico Beach, and Panama City.

CF: Okay. Tell me a little more about those family cabins. How many do those sleep, and are they reservable online?


Mark: Well, we had eight, but actually one was destroyed in a fire about a month ago, so we current have seven family cabins that overlook St. Joe Bay. Those sleep comfortably six people, but we do allow up to seven folks in each cabin. They’re equipped with a sleeping loft with two queen beds, a futon, and a kitchen with appliances. Of course the bathroom. Air conditioned. There’s outside grill and fish-cleaning station screening forward, and a walkway boulevard to the bay.

CCF: Awesome. And how much are those per night?

Mark: A hundred dollars per night.

CF: Okay, absolutely reasonable for what you guys are offering there. I’ve just got two more questions for you. If you could spend just one hour in St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, how would you spend your time?

Mark: Well, one hour. Wildlife viewing is very popular. We have a good populations of deer. A lot of shorebirds, migrating birds, and songbirds, birds of prey. So, probably just viewing the park and its wildlife and resources.

CF: Sure. And if you could spend just one night in St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, which specific spot would you stay at and why?

Photo courtesy of David Nicholson
Photo courtesy of David Nicholson

Mark: I guess it would be a personal preference. I actually am a camper, so I would probably do the family camping, but a lot of folks really like the cabins. They’re booked up eleven months in advance. The campground obviously is very popular. Then we have wilderness camping in the wilderness area, which is at the north end of the park, and then we have a camp for groups – youth groups.

CF: Okay, that sounds good. That’s some great information we can get out to our visitors. Thanks for taking a little bit of time out of your morning, Mark, to talk to us about St. Joseph Peninsula State Park.

Mark: No problem.

Visit St. Joseph Peninsula State Park’s Website

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