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Exclusive Clip: Hamilton star Daveed Diggs is Ready to Rock with Bear Grylls on Running Wild: The Challenge

Actor and singer Daveed Diggs is best known for his time in Hamilton. While he’s proven himself on stage, how will he do adventuring through the Great Basin Desert in the Sierra Nevada? 

You can find out, as Diggs will be featured on this week’s episode of Running Wild: The Challenge with Bear Grylls, airing Sunday at 9/8 central on National Geographic. 

On day one, Bear teaches Daveed how to track, climb, and find food in the desert; no easy feat for anyone in such a dry, hot place. On the second day, Diggs is on his own to use the skills that Grylls taught him on the previous day to earn his extraction. 

Watch the exclusive video clip of Diggs as he rappels down the side of a cliff in the Great Basin Desert. The nervous Diggs begins his descent and looks down behind him. 

“Nice to know your life’s in the hands of a bag of rocks,” he says. 

As for me? I want to be in the room where it happens, so I don’t miss a second of this next episode.

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