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Gear Of The Year Awards 2016: The Rambo R750 Electric Fat Bike

The Camping Authority Announces Annual Gear Award for the Rambo R750 Black Power Bike

We love gear that makes us feel nostalgic. Gear that takes us back to a time before we had responsibilities and day-to-day routines. For us, bikes are the perfect combination of adventure, exercise, and nostalgic jubilance. They were our ticket to freedom at a young age – freedom to explore. Rambo Power Bikes give us that spark we felt as a kid, riding through the woods on a mountain bike, without a care in the world. The Rambo R750 might be a badass electric fat bike, but it doubles as a time machine.

The whisper quiet, high torque motor powers you around the campsite and trails at up to 20MPH. The motor is specifically designed for hilly and rugged terrain; it will get you anywhere you want to go from the deep woods to winding trails. Speaking of go, travel up to 19 miles without pedaling. You read that right, 19 miles; extend your range considerably by pedaling along. The The Rambo R750’s aluminum alloy frame is built like a tank/bomb shelter hybrid while maintaining a relatively lightweight stance at 59 pounds. The integrated power control is perfectly located in the center of the handlebars and is convenient to use.


The Rambo R750 is more than capable.


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