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Hand Out Gloves: Review

There are a lot of winter activities that require the dexterity of bare hands on a regular basis. Ice fishing, winter geocaching, snowboarding and winter camping are just a few, and for these activities it’s hard to beat Hand Out Gloves. They’re the first gloves of their kind to hit the market, and we saw the utility in the design instantly.

Functionality: This is where the Hand Out Gloves shine. You’re able keep them on and retain a good bit of warmth but still have your hands out to perform any fine motor skills. The elastic velcro strap that holds the fingers in place when open is a nice touch as well. I’ve found that it’s very useful for managing body while out on the trail. I could throw the gloves on when we hit the trail and then open them up as I warmed up, to prevent overheating. The hipora waterproof lining also does an excellent job of keeping your hands warm and dry all day.

Ease of Use: The oversized zipper tab makes it easy to open and get your fingers out. It’s also simple to keep them out of your way with the velcro strap.

Durability: With the exception of the zippers, the quality is the most noticeable feature of these gloves. They’re made almost entirely from a very high quality, soft, durable cowhide.

Value: They’re not cheap at $129, but no pair of breathable, high quality leather gloves are. Once you realize how nice it is to pop your hands out we’re confident that any buyers remorse will fade immediately.


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