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Rollors Is A Great Backyard Game For All Ages

I’m always on the lookout for new games, and I have another one to share with you that’s perfect for both kids and adults. If you like horseshoes and bocce, you’ll like Rollors. It’s easy to set up, and while they recommend a 25 ft distance, you can set it up at any distance you like, making it ideal for smaller backyards or campsites.

Rollors gameplay is straightforward. You roll wooden discs that have a different number on each side toward the goal. Both skill and luck are involved because you score based on which way the disc falls. You can even double your score if you’re lucky enough to rest it against the goal (not easy). It’s rules like this that make for fun gameplay because an underdog can suddenly get back in the game in one round.

Because the rules of Rollors are simple, it makes it easy to adjust them based on age and skill level. You can place the goals closer together for young ones, or further apart for adults. You can even add obstacles if you wish. You’d be surprised at how a simple broom handle can shake up the game. Another small detail I liked is how easy they make it to measure distance. They simply put a hole on top of the goal and give you a string that can be attached when it’s time to measure. This is brilliant, and I wish regular bocce had this feature. It works great and speeds up gameplay.

50 Campfires tips: Make sure you play the game on sand or grass. Concrete would make for a pretty lame game. Also – always watch your opponents roll, and make note of the bumps and smooth spots on the playing surface. Insider knowledge of the playing court could mean the difference between victory and defeat!

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