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We Love The LightSpeed Outdoors Traveling Dog Bed

If you have a dog, most likely you’ve taken that dog camping with you. It’s kind of like taking a kid with, they need special things, attention and care. Having the right gear for your four legged friend will make the trip run smoother, that’s where the LightSpeed Outdoors traveling dog bed comes in handy. It is great for camping with pets.

lightspeed outdoors traveling dog bed
LightSpeed Outdoors Traveling Dog Bed

We have already talked about some great tips for bringing your dog camping in a previous post. One of those tips is to bring a dog bed. It will make the dog feel more comfortable, allow you to not cram 2 people and a dog on an air mattress and give the dog a place to lay when people are hanging out by the fire. In the past we would just bring one of our dogs beds from home. But that started to pose an issue when it would get dirty or ripped from a weekend camping.

The LightSpeed Traveling Dog Bed is meant to handle outdoor conditions. It has a removable thick fleece cover and the mattress is strong and water resistant. Just feeling this bed you know it is high quality and was meant to handle outdoor conditions. We love the fact the cover can come off and go right in the washing machine, we also love that it can roll up and close with straps. Once you lay it out, you can just tuck the straps in and zip everything shut. The straps makes it so easy to travel with and pack in the car when you are not using it. By far the coolest feature of this dog bed is the self inflating mattress pad. All you do is unzip the bed and open the nozzle, and it starts inflating. It does take a little bit to fill up but it is a great feature and makes it way more comfortable for your pooch. Once it has reached capacity just turn the lid closed. To deflate you just open the nozzle again and start rolling it up. The LightSpeed Traveling Dog bed is big and will easily fit a large dog. They do just make the one size but it comes in 3 different colors.
Price: $59.99

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