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PeakWaggers Dog Jerky

PeakWaggers Dog Jerky is a gourmet dehydrated dog jerky for the trail and campsite. The packages are very lightweight and are non-perishable. The jerky is nutritious and are great for anyone on the go looking for a practical, alternative meal for their dogs. The coolest thing about PeakWaggers jerky is that they are made with 100% all natural, human grade ingredients. They come in a variety of flavors such as Alaskan Salmon, which is made from the highest quality wild Alaskan Salmon marinated in organic seasonings. They also offer Bison, Elk and Beef jerky which is made from all natural Buffalo, Elk and Beef marinated with tastes of the wild west.

From the manufacturers website, these dogs are really loving PeakWaggers:

We are Bailey and Sadie—–We belong to Bill I. He said you were sending us some good stuff to sample—–Boy! What an understatement. Your snacks were wonderful and we really appreciate you thinking of us. We play, run, and swim everyday and these snacks give us more energy than we have ever had.

– True friends Sadie Bailey and Bill

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