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COAST HX4 Clip-On Light Review

If we told you that we only had a “few” lights that we take camping and hiking with us, we’d be lying. The truth is, we’ve got the “right” light for just about any situation. We’ve got headlamps that are perfect for scaling hiking paths in the dark, flashlights that’ll pick up even the smallest of scorpions in the desert, and just about everything in between. We recently came across the new HX4 clip-on light from COAST, and while they advertise it as a wearable light, we found that its potential went way beyond attaching it to our clothing.

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On a recent Field Trip to the Mojave Desert, we put the COAST HX4 lights to the test. While we started our evening hike with the lights attached to our jackets, it wasn’t until we returned back to camp, that we invented the category of “tent track lighting”. Call us crazy, but attaching a handful of the COAST HX4 lights to the interior ceiling of our tent created the perfect amount of lighting and ambiance for an excellent evening of reading, hanging out and socializing in the middle of nowhere.

As I mentioned from the onset, we have a light for just about every occasion. We can now add the COAST HX4 as our tent track light of choice.

Check out the COAST HX4 here!

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