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Mokuyobi Threads – Take The Fun With You!

Alright, let’s face it. You like being a bit different. Standing out from the crowd is something that you’ve embraced, and in many cases – the crowd has ended up following you. You value quality, and anytime that you can buy something with a lifetime guarantee – you’re all over it. My friend, I’d like to introduce you to Mokuyobi Threads. Directly translated, Mokuyobi means Thursday in Japanese. Sure, you could take the Mokuobi gear out on a Thursday…but we’re pretty sure it’s just as great all week long.

We’ve been wearing and carrying a few pieces from the Mokuybi Threads line for the past few months – and can tell you first hand that they’re definitely an attention grabber. In fact, they’re so playful that both of my children (2yo and 6yo) have taken such a fancy to them that they insist I store them in their rooms when they’re not being worn. Let me tell you a little about each of the pieces…

Big Pocket Backpack
We’ve been hiking around with the Classic style Big Pocket Backpack in the orange/charcoal color way. Just like the name describes, its got a big pocket, supported by an additional 2 smaller pockets for the accessories. Did we mention that this classic pack also boasts an internal padded laptop pouch and interior zip pocket? You’ll be cruising around town…and the trails in style. It’s icing on the cake that this bag is made in the USA.

5 Panel Banana Hat
Maybe I’m just showing my age, but I can remember when flip-up style bicycle hats were in fashion….and then weren’t. Well, they’re back! The Mokuyobi 5 Panel isn’t one of those whimpy Tour de France replicas, but rather a hefty cotton-lined throwback that’s finished is some of the greatest patterns around. We’re loving our banana pattern, but be sure to check out others including Hello World, Australia and Tea Party.

Road Trip Patch
We’ve got a tradition in our family. Each Memorial Day, we all jump in the car and head off on a new destination adventure. Last year it was Kentucky, the year before we ventured off to the Black Hills. Just as the car pulls away from our house, the entire family screams “ Family Road Trip!” Patches are a great way to show your lifestyle, even when you’re deep in the heart of the concrete jungle. Be sure to check out the Road Trip patch, as well as the Camera Crew and Camp Out patches for a little flair – anywhere.

All Mokuyobi Threads pieces are available for purchase directly from their website. Click here for more info.

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