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The PowerTrekk Charger Uses A Fuel Cell To Charge Your Phone

There’s been explosion in portable charging units lately from just battery packs to solar units of varying sizes. The MyFC PowerTrekk Charger is different though. It’s build around the concept of a hydrogen fuel cell. Simply add about a tablespoon of water and one of the PowerTrekk pucks and you’ve got 3 hours of power.

If you don’t need all three hours at the moment you just let it keep running and it will charge on the on board battery so you can use the power when you need it. What’s great about the onboard battery is that you can charge it at home so you’ll have 3 hours of power from the start. Then once that runs down you can then add water and a puck to get 3 more hours. So with one small device you can head off on an adventure knowing that, as long as you have a little bit of water you’ve got 6 hours worth of charging power with you. As with all portable chargers it’s great for keeping cell phones, GPS Units, cameras and other small electronics juiced up.

The power comes at a price (around $200) but pucks are affordable. They come in a 3-pack for $12 and one puck is good for one 3-hour charge. So there’s an initial investment but it’s very affordable to keep your PowerTrekk Charger up and running.


See the PowerTrekk Charger in action

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