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We Love Thermo Tent’s Quieter Warmer Design

Tents aren’t just a way to keep rain off of your head. If you’re camping for a few days it becomes your home.

It’s where you lay down and read, take a nap, or just lounge. So why wouldn’t you want it to be even more cozy than it already is? The Thermo Tent on Kickstarter is a staff pick and we think it’s easy to see why. Derek O’ Sullivan claims to have created a tent that is much better at regulating temperature, while also providing a more quiet interior. Anyone who has stayed in a public campground will understand why that would be amazing.

We caught up with Derek and asked him a few questions about the improvements he’s made for the modern camper.

50CF: When did you first start thinking about designing a better tent?

Derek: About 2011. I was in a tent, and woke during the night because of the cold. After donning a sweatshirt and sweatpants I went back to sleep……until I woke again at sunrise – roasting! The tent was like a Sauna. This had happened to me a lot and became a real pet hate of mine, along with the noise that always came straight into my tents from noisy campsites. I worked in the insulation industry so I wondered why we can’t insulate a tent? We insulate everything else… But it wasn’t until early last year that we began drawing and developing prototypes.

50CF: When you decided to get hands on with your idea, what was the first step?

Derek: First step was sketching, followed by working drawings and then lots of prototypes. This was the expensive bit because we had to test all of these and keep changing the design until we arrived at the final Thermo Tent.

50CF: What was the hardest part about designing the Thermo-Tent?

Derek: The funding of the prototypes. These were expensive but we had to go through this process to make sure that Thermo Tent not only ticked the insulated box, but also exceeded every other industry standard.

50CF: What decibel reduction can one expect inside of the Thermo-Tent?

Derek: Approx. 40dB. This could be increased but the bulk of the inner tent would increase also, so it means a balancing act. This is sufficient to muffle and noise sufficiently to aid sleep.

50CF: Is it easier to stay warm in a Thermo-Tent? If so, what factors specifically contribute to this?

Derek: Yes it is. Firstly the Poly-cotton walls. But more significantly it is the insulated inner tent. We have developed a breathable insulation that reduces the spikes in temperature that occur in conventional tents, while still being breathable. This also helps maintain a lower temperature in very warm climates/times of day.

50CF: What is the setup/tear down time?

Derek: Up in about 40 mins for 2 people. Down in 30 mins. So similar to conventional tents.

50CF: How much will the models cost when it hits the market?

Derek: Thermo Tent 6 Deluxe – All Polycotton (including outer tent) – will retail at €1890. Thermo Tent 3 will go on sale at €590 – this also attaches to a Modular system should the user require more space from time to time.

50CF: What are your plans for the Thermo-Tent moving forward?

Derek: After launching Thermo Tent this summer we already have plans to develop a ‘Glamping’ or Luxury camping tent. We are also developing a disaster relief tent in conjunction with a refugee agency. So it’s busy times!

thermo tent
Thermo Tent
thermo tent
Thermo Tent
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