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Is This Cross Bladed Axe A Woodsplitter’s Dream Come True?

I have a family cabin north of Minneapolis that is heated solely by a wood burning stove, so I’ve split a lot of wood over the years. There has been relatively little innovation in camping axes because well, they’re like sharks – they’re pretty much perfect as they are. That’s why this cross bladed axe on Instructables peaked my interest. Four logs from one swing? Wha…?

We usually split wood once so it will burn longer, but there are plenty of times when I want smaller pieces. After the cabin has a good coal bed it’s easier to maintain a constant temperature with smaller logs. They also work better in the sauna stove after it’s up and running. Getting a bonfire started with smaller logs also makes the chore easier.

cross bladed axe
Cross Bladed Axe

*Images are from Instructables.com

It’s my guess that you’d have the most luck with this beast in the winter when the wood is frozen. There is snow on the ground in the video and this is a big factor in how easily the wood splits. I doubt that it would be as easy during a muggy August day here in Minnesota.

Here he is letting it rip. Looks pretty fun to me:

You know what bums me out about this thing? I’d have to make it myself, and I fear that it’s just a bit beyond my current metal working skill set. Bummer.

What do you think? Would you use one?

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