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Mama Bear—and Four Cubs—Cross Road in a Struggle All Parents Recognize

Single parenting sure isn’t easy. And as one mama bear showed in a video that went viral this week, the struggle of traveling with kids is not limited to the human species. 

The video, filmed by local Robin Cavalli on a two-lane road in Connecticut, shows a female black bear with four cubs in tow. The bear picks up one cub by the scruff of its neck, carries it to the other side of the street, and drops it off. But as she’s halfway to grabbing her second cub, the first gallops happily back across the road to follow her. 

For the remaining minutes, the flustered bear darts to and fro, trying to get all her babies across the road. The cubs, meanwhile, do everything but cooperate.

Cavalli, a mother of four herself, said in a KPRC interview that the whole scene reminded her of her own kids. The chaos is something every parent can relate to, she added.

Image by Jared Lloyd

The human commuters, fortunately, were well-behaved throughout the episode: despite stand-still traffic on both sides of the road, everyone waited patiently for the family of bears to cross.

And yes, the cubs ultimately did get across the road in one piece—though probably not without a strict talking-to from mom afterward.

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