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Mountain Hardwear Snowzilla Jacket Review

When I tell people where I’m from, I often get the response “I’ve never been – it’s too cold there.” Sure, the upper Midwest isn’t for the faint of heart. The 3 months of summertime are often overshadowed by the sub-zero winters that we endure here in Minnesota. My families outer layer wardrobe has its own closet. While folks in many parts of the world can get by with a “winter jacket”, it’s a requirement that I’ve got something to wear, not just for varying weather – but also for multiple activities. It’s serious business.

A few weeks back, I received the Mountain Hardwear Snowzilla Jacket. Although the jacket was designed as an on-mountain ski shell, I’ve found that it has a ton of functionality as part of my off-mountain winter ensemble. I hope that you find my Mountain Hardwear Snowzilla Jacket review helpful – especially if one jacket simply isn’t enough for you.

At the heart of the Mountain Hardwear Snowzilla Jacket is its Dry.Q core. This 2-layer shell is waterproofed, yet still breathable. It’s rare that you’ll find me out and about during the winter without multiple layers beneath any jacket that I’m wearing. The days always start cold – and either go up or down from there. Beneath each of the arms is an underarm zip – making cooling down as simple as unzipping for a bit. Great when you’re out on the trail.

Overall, I love this jacket. It’s styled beautifully, and in the Stone Green color way (which is what I tested) it’s definitely a unique look. The downsides are minimal in this coat. Like I mentioned early on, this shell was built for the mountain. Because of that everything is a bit “oversized”. I’m a true size large in just about everything that I buy. With that said, this jacket is cut generously. It’s made to be layered-up. The arms are longer than most coats, again to provide full cover when ripping down a mountain. Although I don’t mind the extra length, it is possible that the arms could get in the way if you were wearing it for a technical activity like chopping wood or building a fire. Lastly, the hood. I love a great hood. It protects from the elements, and provides a sense of coziness to a coat. Because this hood is designed to be worn over a helmet, it’s generously cut.

This is a great shell for those who need more than one piece of winter outerwear. Not to mention, Mountain Hardwear makes great gear that’ll definitely get the looks.

For more information on the Mountain Hardwear Snowzilla Jacket click here.

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