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The Weirdest Sleeping Bag We’ve Seen Yet

Finally! A two-person sleeping bag that is shaped like a giant pair of jeans! What a time to be alive!

The actual name for this bizarre sleeping contraption is “The Super Big Wrapped in Warmth Happy Furry Jeans Sleeping Bag.” Good luck remembering that after a few beers around the campfire. It’s made by a Japanese company called Felissimo and retails for $696. Believe it or not, there are actually a few things we like about this Paul Bunyan sleeping bag.

First, the bottoms zip open if you get too hot. If you’re one of those people that kicks their feet out from under the covers, that feature is for you. Second, the inside is fury and comfy. Love that. Lastly, the pillows store in the back “pockets” on the jeans.

Other than looking a little too slim for our preference, we’d wager that it’s probably a decent night’s sleep. And hey – you get to sleep in an oversized pair of jeans. Totally normal. Nothing weird about that at all.

Photo credit: Japanese Trend Shop


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