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Hiking Prime Day Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

Amazon Prime Day is going on for not one but two days, and we’re rounding up some of the best deals available for hikers who also love a good deal.

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Even as the weather gets cooler, you’re still going to sweat as you hike. Make sure you have good moisture-wicking fabrics to keep from getting uncomfortable during your long days out on the trail. This men’s long-sleeved athletic shirt from Russell Athletic Store will keep you covered and dry. You’ll also want to dress in layers to ensure comfort without worrying about whether or not you’ll overheat. A great way to do this is with a fleece vest from Augusta Sportswear made from 70% recycled materials. And once you’ve got your top half covered, make sure the bottom half is also prepared for the cold with a pair of fleece sweatpants from Holloway Store. Made from 60% cotton, these aren’t a great piece to use as a base layer, but they are good pieces to keep for cooler weather at the beginning of fall and spring.


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You’re most likely going to want to have a pack to carry gear and water. If you’re heading out on a shorter hike, consider a smaller, crossbody bag like this one from WATERFLY that’s currently 49% off. Though it’s smaller than a backpack, it can still fit the essentials. If you’re heading out on a longer hike, this 35-liter hiking backpack from Venture is an excellent option, and it’s 15% off right now. 

Other Gear

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Keep yourself hydrated out there with CamelBak. Whether you’re in need of a new bladder or a new water bottle, CamelBak has you covered, and they’re giving you up to 50% off their gear for Amazon Prime Day. If you’re heading out on a long hike and you’re worried that the bladder won’t be enough, pick up a LifeStraw, currently 50% off, to ensure that you’ll never run out of water, as long as you can find a river or stream.

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