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Best Prime Day Deals for Trail Runners

Whether you’re a longtime trail runner or someone who just got into the popular sport, there are plenty of deals for you today. Outdoors.com has worked our way through the long list of sales, and these are the best Prime Day deals for trail runners.

BMJL Women’s Running Shorts – 50% off

women's running shorts prime day deal
Source: BMJL

Being a runner means you need lightweight clothes that move with you. These women’s shorts are 95% polyester and 5% spandex, making them breathable and comfortable. Plus, at 50% off, it’s hard to pass on a $20 pair of shorts, especially when they come in more than a dozen colors.

Russell Athletic Men’s Long Sleeve Performance T-Shirt – 74% off

running shirt prime day deal
Source: Russell Athletic

We’re currently in the shoulder season, the time between the summer heat and the winter chill. Some mornings, you’ll want an extra layer like this long-sleeved shirt to keep you a little warmer on the trail. At 74% off, this comes out to just over $5, so even if it isn’t your go-to base layer, it can be a great backup layer to keep in the car.

Holloway Men’s Crosstown Pants – 25% off

running pants prime day deal
Source: Holloway

Similar to a long-sleeved layer, having a pair of pants can make a difference as we head towards winter. No one wants to be outdoors and uncomfortable – that’s the easiest way to cut your run short. These pants are moisture-wicking and a good deal for just 20 bucks.

CamelBak Rogue Hydration Pack, 85 oz. – 46% off

running pack prime day deal
Source: CamelBak

If you’re a newer trail runner, this is a great buy. Having a lightweight pack can be essential for long miles in the mountains. You can carry everything from water to snacks to an extra layer of clothing to keep you warm. At 46% off, you’re paying less than $45 for a great entry-level piece of gear. 

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter – 50% off

LifeStraw water filter prime day
Source: LifeStraw

You may not plan on using this, but trail runners don’t typically plan on getting lost, either. This LifeStraw personal water filter is a recurring Amazon Prime Day Deal for trail runners, and for good reason. The product is simple to use and lightweight enough to throw in your pack for an emergency.

Want to learn more about trail running? Here’s how to get started.

Are you looking for an item you don’t see on this list? Check out the official Outdoors.com store for more gear. 

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