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Wolverine Trophy Fish Water Shoe Is Great For Water Lovers

If you spend a lot of time on the water fishing, playing water sports or kayaking, you know that from time to time you’re going to dunk your shoe in and have to deal with a wet foot for a few hours. The Wolverine Trophy Fish Water Shoe can change that. This boot has a neoprene upper and a coated leather which are both great quick drying materials. The boot comes equipped with drainage ports in the mid and out sole of the boot so when you step through water it can drain out quickly.

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The outsole is extremely slip resistant which is great if you are hiking or walking on slippery rocks through streams and creeks. This boot is great for fisherman who like to fish from land or want to wade in slightly. The shoe also comes in an oxford version which makes it more of a shoe than a boot which fit some peoples style a little better. Overall this is an awesome water shoe for the outdoorsman.

See the Wolverine Trophy Fish Water Shoe in action

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