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Try This Nature’s Coast Thrill Ride: River Safaris Airboat Tour [VIDEO]

Perhaps the best way to see a bunch of the Nature Coast – really fast – is on board an airboat tour. These thrill rides with River Safaris truly offer something for everyone whether you prefer a thrill ride or a pleasure cruise.

The cruise through the no wake zone on the channels headed for the Gulf of Mexico provide a chance to see some beautiful properties and enjoy the wildlife along the way. Then once you hit more open waters, it’s time to put the hammer down and see what makes an airboat tour so popular and exciting. They are like an amusement park ride, but through the natural world.

You may see alligators, manatees, rays, sharks, and a wide variety of bird life during our tour. Be sure to wear polarized sunglasses both as protection for your eyes from the glare,  and to allow you to see into the water more clearly and more easily. There’s as much, or more, going on below the surface as there is above it.

Airboat Tour Unlike Any Other Boat Ride

Gliding across the surface of the water is a feeling unlike any other boat ride. You can’t really describe it. It’s one of those “you had to be there” moments, and you will never regret having “been there.” Airboats are the choice for exploring so many areas in Florida because as big as they are, they can run in even a few inches of water. In many places, you can be rolling along deep water, and suddenly encounter shallows. Farther south, in the Everglades, airboats are really the only practical kind of watercraft.

Nick and Clint both agreed an airboat tour is something they’d do again, no matter what time of year they find themselves in Florida. And they both promised to return to discover more of the Nature Coast.

airboat tour with river safaris is better than an amusement park ride

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