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New Z-Man Pro BulletZ Jig Design Redefines Rules

In simple terms, a jig is merely a weighted hook. Z-Man‘s most recent jig design, the Pro BulletZ, is an intriguing next-level design. The Pro BulletZ exhibits the same all-terrain, snag-resistance and efficiency of a Texas rig with bullet weight, hook and bait-keeper – all within a single ElaZtech® delivery tool. Combined, the jig and softbait are unified, becoming an undeniable fish-catching system.

Cementing Z-Man’s status as cutting-edge jig crafters once more, the Pro BulletZ features a hybrid weedless jighead design, showcasing the supernatural abilities of ElaZtech soft plastics by intent. At first glance, the Pro BulletZ looks like a puzzle with an impossible solution: How to affix a bait to its weighted collar without ripping it?

Pro BulletZ

“That’s simply not an issue with ElaZtech baits and this amazing jig design,” notes Z-Man pro and MLF Tour angler Stephen Browning. “Slide this or any other matching ElaZtech bait onto the shank, push it past the weighted barb and snug it up against the bullet head and it’s there to stay. No question, the Pro BulletZ fits tear-resistant ElaZtech like a glove. Its specialized bullet head and weighted shank produce a natural horizontal fall with any bait.”

With no need for extra weights, pegs or hooks— the Pro BulletZ Jighead effortlessly slides through all types of heavy grass and wood-cover. A molded bait keeper serves as an extension of the streamlined belly weight. Custom 3/0 or 4/0 heavy duty VMC® extra wide gap hooks offer ample bite for bulkier worms, craws and swimbaits like the DieZel MinnowZ™.

“The jig’s streamlined, pointed nose slides cleanly through grass, while its belly weight keels swimbaits perfectly upright on the retrieve. I’m especially excited, though, about using a Pro BulletZ with the Pro CrawZ—the new crayfish bait I’ve been testing,” notes Browning.

Browning further praises Z-Man’s analytical approach to matching each ElaZtech bait with its own customized hook and jig system. “Anglers continually struggle finding the right hook for their favorite baits,” he admits. “Z-Man solves this all-too-common dilemma by giving us turnkey bass-catching systems. Makes the whole process of bait selection and rigging so much easier—and more efficient. If I can catch 15 bass on one bait without having to reach into the tacklebag and rerig, that’s a huge time saver that quickly translates to 20 bass and more.

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