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Beer drinkers and cocktail fans – let’s meet in the middle for these three unique beer cocktails! Of course, purists out there think that beer cocktails are a terrible idea, and guess what – they’re wrong. Craft brewing these days gives us thousands of choices, so why wouldn’t you do a little experimenting on your own?

Beer cocktails are easy to make, and it’s a fun way to mix it up at your next party. Instead of the regular lineup of IPAs and whiskey cokes, mix up a few of these. The first two are delicious, and your guests will be asking for another round before you know it. The third one is a little strange, but it has it’s place, and I still think you should try it.

The beer, booze, and ingredients all fit in the Chill Systems Picnic Tote, which I’ve also been hauling around this summer. It keeps the beer insanely cold without any ice, and is a clever setup. Check out our review here.

Radler Paloma

Grab a lowball glass with ice
3/4 oz fresh grapefruit juice
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
1/2 oz simple syrup
2 oz tequila
Top off with a grapefruit Radler, stir, and enjoy

Bourbon Honey Beer

Lowball glass with ice
1 oz bourbon (or smooth whiskey)
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
Squeeze of honey
Dash of bitters

Shake vigorously in a cocktail shaker to mix the honey, pour back into glass, top off with a lager of your choice, and garnish with a lemon slice. Note: shaking beer in a cocktail shaker is a terrible idea. Don’t do it.

Trojan Horse

Ok, here’s the weird one, and I wouldn’t blame you for closing the browser window after seeing the ingredients – Guinness and Coke. Yup. All you do is slowly pour equal amounts into a pint glass, and enjoy. I like it because it’s a tasty, low ABV day drinker, and I get a little caffeine as well. It’s a unique flavor, and not for everyone, which is why I had to try it. I was surprised that I liked it, and I think it’s worth a try.

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