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‘Magnificent visual feast’: Time-Lapse Photo Captures 100 Lightning Bolts in Skies Over Türkiye

Capturing the intense beauty of an entire storm isn’t easy.

Astrophotographer Uğur İkizler masterfully created the electrifying image above by combining numerous shots of the sky near his home in the picturesque coastal town of Mudanya. These individual images were painstakingly collected during a 50-minute period around midnight on June 16, resulting in an average of one lightning strike every 30 seconds.

The image reveals at least three distinct types of lightning – cloud-to-cloud, where the bolt begins and ends within the clouds; cloud-to-ground, where the bolt makes contact with the ground; and cloud-to-water, where the bolts strike water instead of land.

İkizler spoke about his photo with Live Science, stating: “Each and every one of them is beautiful, but when I combined all the lightning bolts into a single frame, it was a frightening sight.” He also described the thunderstorm as a “magnificent visual feast.”

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