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Quick Tip For Repelling Ticks

Let’s face it. Ticks are creepy.

Nobody likes them. If you’re introducing someone new to the outdoors, a tick encounter can be a real turn off. And it’s important for health reasons to do all you can to repel ticks.

Short of tick repellent clothing or dousing your regular outdoor clothes with chemicals, what can you do?

Start by cinching down the most common entry points. That means pulling your pants cuffs tight. (That’s one of the features that makes Pnuma’s Waypoint pants so well-designed for year round outdoor wear.) Same goes for the cuffs on the long-sleeve shirt your should be wearing when ticks are about.

Also consider strategic deployment of a DEET –based insect repellent at those entry points. That means ankles, wrists, and neck.

Unlike flying insects that can land anywhere on your body, ticks have to crawl to find an undefended entry point to your skin. So by spraying a ring of DEET around each ankle and wrist, they have to crawl past it to get to you. It may not stop ALL ticks, but it’s a good place to start.

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