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Wolverine Impact Wind Hiking Shoe Is An Easy Shoe To Wear

When you are camping for the weekend and want to do some hiking, you don’t always want to bust out the big burly hiking boots, but rather more of a shoe that can be worn all weekend but are perfect for hiking. That is where the Wolverine Impact Wind Hiking Shoe comes in to play. These are a very comfortable shoe that make great hiking shoes for those who want to wear just one shoe all weekend.

The Wolverine Impact Wind shoes have a very fine mesh exterior to keep out dust and dirt, they have a great rugged outsole to give you traction on the trail and a nice bumper to the front of the toe if you end up kicking any rocks or objects while hiking. The shoes have a pretty light flex making them, comfortable yet supportive. These really are a great all around camping shoe because of their versatility to go from the campsite to the hiking trail.

Price: $112-$140

See the Wolverine Impact Wind Hiking Shoe in action

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