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Should You Buy A Lamzac Hangout?

Is the Lamzac Hangout worth $79?

You’ve seen that “weird inflatable thing” all over the web for the past few months, and you’re wondering if you need one, aren’t you? I’ll tell you what I thought of the Lamzac Hangout from Fatboy, and hopefully it will help you make a decision.

lamzac hangout
Lamzac Hangout from Fatboy

It’s well made.

I expected the material to be thin, and didn’t expect it to last long. That’s not the case. The quality is much higher than I expected, and you can feel it right out of the bag. The material is sturdy, and the inside is lined with a second plastic bag to keep the air contained in the two chambers. I have no complaints about the quality at all.

lamzac hangout
Lamzac Hangout from Fatboy – its well made

It packs down smaller than I thought it would.

It only weighs 2.6 lbs, and you have to compare it to a comparable piece of gear, which in my opinion is a camping chair. Yes, a hammock packs down to about 1/4 the size of the Lamzac Hangout, but it’s not a hammock. In terms of use, it most closely resembles a camping chair. It’s meant to be used for a few hours, and then you’ll pack it up again. Compared in that way, the size is great. You can toss it over your shoulder and head to the park.


It’s tricky, but you will learn how to fill it.

Just be patient with yourself here. In the gif above I had the advantage of a little wind, which made it easier. It also helps to swoop it up and down (even though they say you don’t need to). Plan on being frustrated for a few minutes the first time you try to fill it. It’s not easy, but you’ll get the hang of it on your first day out.

It’s very comfortable.

I was surprised at how comfortable it was. I’m 5’6″, so it might be a different story for a taller person, but I wanted to doze off immediately. The other thing I liked is that you can adjust the height of your head by sliding back and forth. I love reading outdoors, so sliding back means I can elevate my head the perfect amount to read my Kindle. I liked this a lot.

It’s absolutely terrible in hot weather.

This is really the only complaint I have about the Lamzac Hangout. In hot weather it’s brutal. You’re basically laying on a hot plastic bag with a crack in the middle that will pool your sweat. Combine that with all of the hot air you just filled it up with, and you’re in for one of the worst hangouts you’ve ever had. Sorry Lamzac, but I had to lay it straight here. If you live in Phoenix you don’t want this thing. You want a hammock.

The verdict?

Other than the poor performance in heat, the Lamzac Hangout is worth the $79. It’s about the same price you’d pay for a nice hammock, and it has the advantage of not needing trees. Like I said earlier, you want to think of this as a camping chair. You can’t sleep overnight in it (you’ll get just a few hours of air in it), and it’s easy to tote around. I like to keep a camping chair in the car, because sometimes I just want to chill outside somewhere. The Lamzac will be living in the car too, because the adding spontaneous naps to my summer regime tickles me with glee.




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