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Innate Respite Terra Firma Pillow

Sleep Well On The Innate Respite Terra Firma Pillow

There are times when you just want to save space, whether that is when you are camping or on a long car trip. Spending hours packing and unpacking is just not fun. Pillows are always awkward, they don’t stack or pack well. So in those space saving situations we always go with a travel pillow. If you have used travel pillows before you know some are good, others are really bad.

Innate Respite Terra Firma Pillow
Sleep Well On The Innate Respite Terra Firma Pillow

We have come to love the Innate Respite Terra Firma Pillow. There are 3 main reasons why we like the pillow. In the video below we explain each feature that we like from being inflatable and comfortable to actually fitting your head this pillow gets a good grade in our book.

Price: $25

Get to know the Innate Respite Terra Firma Pillow

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