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Spikeball: Review

It’s hard to beat a good yard game and a few beers on a sunny summer afternoon. New games hit the market each year, and one that has received a lot of recognition lately is Spikeball.

What It Is

Spikeball has been described as a cross between volleyball and four square. It’s a four person game that doesn’t need very much space to play. We like this a lot because city folks with a small yard still probably have enough room to play. The game starts out with a serve much like volleyball. After the serve the ball is in play and it’s the opposing team’s job to spike it back into the net. You and your partner have three chances to spike the ball back into the net, so you volley back and forth just like volleyball. There is a lot of movement in Spikeball, because you need to be in position to return a spike. The general tactic is to always be on the opposite side of the net from the ball. It’s also best played on a soft surface like sand or grass. You can play it on concrete, but part of the fun is diving to keep the volley going, which isn’t best idea in a parking lot.

Spikeball legs

Inflatable game balls.

Why We Like It

The great thing about Spikeball is that you actually get a pretty good workout without feeling like you’re working out. The game requires a fair amount of hustle if you want to win. The other thing we like about it is that it doesn’t require a lot of space to play. A space that is too small for frisbee probably has plenty of room for Spikeball. There’s also the epic rivalries that come with any 2-on-2 cooperative game. Teams generally stay together for the entire day and the smack talking runs high, which makes it all the more fun.

Spikeball is for people looking to add a little motion to their weekend. It’s for friends and families that love to stir up a little friendly competition. And make no mistake about it – Spikeball requires a certain level of physical ability to play a few games and have a chance of winning. Some games, like say croquet, level the playing field by allowing anyone of any ability to participate. If you decide to setup a Spikeball bracket (you should), get ready for a decent workout.

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