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Don’t Forget This Essential Gear For Winter Camping

Winter camping may sound miserable, but can actually be breathtakingly beautiful and serene. It takes some additional camping equipment than what you would normally take on a summer trip. But when temperatures plummet and snow begins to fall, you want to be thoroughly prepared for your adventure with the following essential gear for winter camping.

Ultra-Cozy Sleeping Bag
When you’re ready to turn in for the night, you want a warm and comfortable place to lay your head. A high-quality sleeping bag can help keep the cold out when temperatures are low, is a must. You also want to find a bag that has ample room. This allows you additional room for blankets, pillows, and an extra layer of clothing.

Expedition Tent
Next to a sleeping bag, a tent is the next crucial piece of equipment for a winter camping trip. Expedition tents are different than the summer versions because they offer less ventilation. You also want your winter accommodations to be simple to set up, with sturdy fabrics and stronger poles. Ask experts for their advice on what the best and easiest to set up models are.

Puffy Jacket
The right sleeping bag and tent will keep you warm at night, however, you also need something durable, waterproof, and warm when going about your day. A puffy jacket should contain synthetic fills and natural down materials. An attached insulated hood can also help when the North winds blow. When selecting a coat, look for something slightly bigger. This allows you to add extra layers to your everyday wear. Find deals in store and online at places like discountrue.com where you can print codes and special offers at all your favorite outlets. This way you can save some money on your camping essentials while still getting the best quality.

Taking butter on a camping trip isn’t our idea of a joke. The fat and calories you add into your food can actually help in keeping your body warm throughout the trip. Try adding a dollop to your bowl of oatmeal, mug of hot chocolate, or cup of soup at meal time.

Heavy Duty Camping Stove
Summer campfires are great to cook with during the warmer months but can be confusing to your internal thermometer when it’s cold. If you’re looking to cook a meal, brew coffee, and heat up soup, you’re going to need a heavy duty cooking stove as well as a fire pit. Look for something with the highest output and that uses liquid fuel.

Large Backpack
If you thought your summer backpack was big, you haven’t seen the winter version. Your winter camping gear is going to be a bit bigger, which is why it’s important to find a backpack that can help you store all your essentials neatly and safely. You also want storage compartments that allow easy access to your most important belongings.

Find more essential winter camping items.

Winter camping can be a challenge. However, with a little preparation and by finding the right gear, you get to see Mother Nature in a whole different and beautiful light.

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