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Temperature Dips: How to Handle Life Outdoors in the Frost

For some outdoor enthusiasts, the end of summer doesn’t necessarily mean the end of enjoying the outdoors. If you’re one of the outdoor lovers who won’t let the cold stand in your way, here are a few tips on how to make even the coldest camping trip an enjoyable one.

An insulated windproof tent is a must have when camping in the cold. These tents help maintain heat while keeping the cold air outside, as well as deflecting bursts of wintry cold wind. Having a reliable source of shelter is one of the most important things to consider when preparing to trek out into the cold. A waterproof tent isn’t necessarily a must, but it is strongly recommended. Nobody wants to sleep on freezing cold, wet, snow covered ground. Making sure to bring along a solid shelter capable of fending off Mother Nature will go a long way in ensuring you enjoy your winter expedition.

Temperature Dips How to Handle Life Outdoors in the Frost 1
How to Handle Life Outdoors in the Frost

One of the other major things to consider when preparing for a cold weather camping trip is how you are going to stay warm. Make sure you bring along an ample number of blankets, the thicker the better. A pack of emergency mylar sleeping bags is another essential item you should have packed away. The mylar material helps reflect cold air while containing and insulating warm air inside. These disposable sleeping bags are usually wind and waterproof and serve as great peace of mind for you and anyone you may be bringing along.
Wind and water proof matches or lighters are another must for somebody heading out into the winter wilderness. Fire is the purest form of warmth, and it is essential you keep a steady fire burning at all times when camping in cold weather conditions.

Barrel Heater
Another great item to bring along is a barrel heater stove. In addition to providing extra warmth, this stove is great for cooking. All you need is some wood and something to light it with. If you have a portable drum heater be sure you also invest in a Powerblanket which can help yours last longer and save you money and fuel.

Going camping in the dead of winter doesn’t have to be impossible. Some simple precautions and survival instincts are all you need to tackle the outdoors, no matter how unforgiving the circumstances. Following some of the simple tips outlined above will allow you to enjoy your outdoor experience rain, sleet, or snow.

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