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The Double Cooler Review & Giveaway!

You’re camping out and your cooler has been sitting out in the sunshine for a few hours. You pour yourself a cup and find it rather gross. The ice has melted and diluted your drink. Here to solve this problem is the Double Cooler. This thing has two separate spaces to keep your ice and drink mix so they don’t get nasty.


Appearance: This bright green cooler has a cool, stylish design. It’s large because there are two compartments. Just like a standard beverage cooler it has a 5 gallon space for your mixed drink, but it also has a 2 gallon space running up the middle that is meant for ice. This makes it taller than other coolers. Also there are two spigots to dispense your beverage and ice water separately. It carries well when it’s empty with the two handles on the side. When it’s full you might need a dolly to transport.

Double Cooler Beverage drink container
The Double Cooler

Functionality: This is a fantastic idea and it works perfectly to keep your beverage cold while maintaining its potency. The spouts that dispense your beverage and ice water work great. The drain feature on the top of the cooler is a great feature as well so you can empty out melted ice and add more without opening the whole top or waiting for the spout. The best thing is that you are not wasting all the unused, watered down beverage you would otherwise dump out at the end of your event. Just drain the melted ice and refill to keep your drink strong and cold at the same time. All things considered, the people at Double Cooler thought through everything in designing a simple, yet brilliant beverage container. We can see being used at sports games, construction sites and backyard barbecues.

Ease Of Use: There isn’t much to this container other than remembering to put the ice in the middle and the mixed beverage on the outer ring. If you can’t remember to put these in the right place and push the dispenser button on the spigot then maybe you need to be under adult supervision. But seriously, this thing is a great design and very easy to use.

Durability: The Double Cooler is made in the U.S.A of thick, durable plastic with solid spigots. The drain on the top is both easy to move, yet feels very secure. Everything about this cooler is solid, like you can kick it and drop it a number of times without it cracking. We don’t recommend doing this, but from our observation at 50 Campfires, this thing won’t break easily.

Weight: When it’s empty the Double Cooler is surprisingly light. The extra 2 gallons of ice and beverage makes it heavier than other standard 5 gallon containers. However, the benefits of having your drink and ice separate more than makes up for the extra weight.

Double Cooler Dual spouts
The Double Cooler Dual Spouts

Value: Coming in at $119 this cooler is more expensive than conventional beverage coolers, but for the added benefits of not wasting watered down drinks we think it has good value. Since nothing else like this is on the market right now you might want to consider this for your next sporting event or backyard gathering.

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