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Gear of the Year Awards 2016: Campfire Defender

The Camping Authority Announces Annual Gear Award for the Campfire Defender.

Let’s paint a picture:

You’re camping at the same campsite for more than one night. Even better, you’ve found yourself in one of the most epic locations that you’ve ever spent the night. Like many epic locations, the trees are big, the grass is tall and you can count the number of other people you’ve seen in the past 24 hours on one hand – it’s perfect. The weather is great, and you anticipate having a campfire each and every night of your stay.

If he taught us anything, Smokey The Bear has taught us to extinguish our fires every night as a safety precaution. Never leave them unattended. On the other hand, the thought of pouring water onto our picturesque fire would be a crime. Enter the Campfire Defender: a military-grade, extreme temperature fabric cover that encloses your campfire without smothering it. By integrating an aluminum air vent, the Campfire Defender keeps your coals roaring for up to 8 hours – all the while, minimizing the risk of blowing coal and ash around the campsite. It’s the “pause button” that your fire has been waiting for.


campfire defender
Campfire Defender
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