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New Numbers Show the Outdoors Is Big Business for the U.S. Economy with $394 Billion Spent in 2022

A new survey shows Americans spent $394 billion in 2022 to participate in fishing and other wildlife-related activities.

The data comes from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agency. The billions of dollars spent came from 1.7 billion trips outdoors for people to hunt, fish, watch wildlife, boating, and target shooting. The money went to travel, equipment, licenses, and other related fees.

“Time spent in nature is an important part of the human experience and can provide lifelong memories, connections to others, healthy activities, and a sense of rest and healing,” said Service Director Martha Williams in their statement. “These numbers demonstrate how important our public lands and wild places are not just for the well-being of people who enjoy them, but as an economic engine that provides thousands of jobs and sustains businesses, economies and communities throughout the nation.”

The billions of dollars spent is the most ever recorded in the report, which they adjust for inflation. The survey polled around 100,000 people. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service conducts the questionnaire every five years.

Even more impressive is the number of people participating in these outdoor activities. More than half of all Americans aged 16 and up took part in wildlife viewing. That’s 148 million people connecting with wildlife. Fishing saw 40 million Americans participating, meaning 15% of the population. The results showed increases in all outdoor activities covered by the survey, suggesting more people are getting outside.

Besides outdoor activities, recent numbers show that outdoor destinations like national parks are also significant economic drivers.

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