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Why Are Coloradans Freaking Out Over This Bald Eagle Egg?

One of Colorado’s most beloved bald eagle duos, composed of a female affectionately known as F420 and a male fondly referred to as “Dad,” has recently laid a new egg near Standley Lake. Presently, they are alternating their roles as incubators, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their latest offspring. All that is pretty normal for eagles. But the thing that’s different about this egg is that thousands of human spectators are also invested in its journey.  

The feathered couple first captured the hearts of Coloradans in 2016 when their nesting habits were broadcast live from a wildlife cam in Westminster, a city located between Denver and Boulder. Tragedy struck in 2021 when the branch holding their nest and newly born eaglet broke. Their offspring, not yet able to fly, did not survive the fall. Heartbreak hit again in 2022 when F420 and Dad’s eaglets died again after two or three weeks, this time for unknown reasons. Given that these eagles’ lives seem to have more plot twists than the average Netflix series, it’s no wonder thousands are tuning in.

Now, with the arrival of the new egg, it looks like things may finally be turning around for the Standley Lake eagles. Over the next month, fans of these avian influencers will follow updates in F420’s Facebook group, while the parents are keeping their talons crossed and hoping for the best. 

Interested in birding? Just remember to stay on designated trails, don’t feed the wildlife (you are not a Disney princess), and keep a proper distance.  You can read a full list of Leave No Principles here

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