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Watch A Dramatic Rescue in Los Angeles After a River sweeps a Man Away

The worst of the stormy weather is making its way from Southern California after heavy rain brought flooding to the Los Angeles area over the last few days. Dry riverbeds and creeks turned into raging rivers after as much as 8 inches of rain fell within the city. As a result, emergency crews stayed busy, and there were multiple rescues, including a man swept away by a river.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department led many of those rescues, including a call where witnesses say a man jumped into fast-flowing water to rescue his dog.

The daring rescue was captured on camera and shared by the fire department. 

Check it out:

In the video, you can see LAFD lower a rescuer into the water. The rescuer manages to grab hold of the man. Fortunately, the person was still conscious. The helicopter then hoists the rescuer and patient from the water to a nearby hospital.

Officials say the dog, which initially jumped into the water, managed to get out by itself. Rescuers brought the animal to a local shelter for some minor injuries. 

One comment on the post read they would do the same for their pet, but the Los Angeles County Fire Department made sure to reply with this advice:

“Please reconsider. There are two things to consider: One, your dog’s animal survival instincts will kick in, giving them at least a chance at making it out, and two, you will have virtually zero chance at making a positive difference in the outcome for your pet and almost certainly will be killed or need a technical rescue. We love our pets too, but please just call 9-1-1 and don’t immediately add a victim to the emergency.”

Officials say there is a chance for some more rain later this evening. The rest of the week will bring drier weather. However, people should be cautious after several mudslides, and the risk of shifting ground could continue for a few days.

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