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‘Hot Dogs Saved My Life,’ Says Omaha Tornado Survivor

Amid the destruction and devastation from the tornado outbreak this weekend comes the story of an Omaha resident who has a reason to smile. A tornado may have destroyed his home, but he’s alive, thanks to a craving for a hot dog. In fact, he says: “Hot dogs saved my life.”

How could hot dogs save a life? Well, when a tornado ripped through this man’s neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska on Friday afternoon, he wasn’t home. He was at the gas station buying hot dogs.

Here’s a clip from the man’s interview with a local news station:

In the full interview, the man, who is named Jason, also says he’s counting his blessings and he’s glad there were no fatalities in his neighborhood.

“Stuff can be replaced, but family is everything,” Jason says.

Jason says “hot dogs saved my life” with a smile on his face, but he becomes much more solemn when the interviewer asks his thoughts on what just happened and how he plans to move forward.

“It’s absolutely unreal,” he says. “I’m going to salvage what I can here and take the next day as it comes. We’ll see.”

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